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where to buy Pineapple Express Dank Vapes online combines the potent and tasty strengths of the parental Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains. Wet Vape The smell is similar to that of fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine and cedar. Pineapple Express DANK VAPES Although this tension exists for a while, there is no doubt why it suddenly became a household name a few years ago. Also, the breeders of Barney’s farm rarely produce anything other than gold, so it’s no wonder that this potent strain is another blow. The THC in this strain regularly hits above 24% and has aromas similar to a fruit stand. With freshly cut pineapple and mango notes and shades of green apple and pine. This tropical bud will have its tormented senses when opening the bag. Wet Vapes – Pineapple Express Another, if the smells were not enough, the flavors are similar and super active. These buds, olive-coloured and rock-shaped, have the taste of a slice of pineapple with a pine aftertaste. Dry vapes – Pineapple Express


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