LINX Ember Dab Pen for sale



Start a fire with an Ember

This straight to the point vape pen that’s made with the absolute best possible components and no bullshit. It’s only 40 bucks. Enough said, but we’ll say more anyway. The Ember is constructed of the highest quality, medical grade stainless steel for the quality you can not only see- but feel. The Top Air Flow design means no spills, no matter where your adventures take you. The recessed atomizer has a vapor window so you can watch as your extract vaporizes right before your eyes. With three temp settings, you can easily control how much vapor is produced. This little vape even has a sesh mode, and you’re just two clicks away from enjoying 12 seconds of continuous heating allowing for group sessions or even extended solo flights.  


  • LINX Ember Refillable Atomizer
  • LINX Ember Battery
  • LINX Ember Mouthpiece
  • USB Charger
  • Carrying Box


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