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Small Mini Rig Banger Hanger

Banger Hanger style rigs are the go-to style for most beginner dabbers and even those who have been dabbing for a long time have a banger hanger. They are the simplest design that works great with a quartz banger to place the heating element away from the main body of the rig to keep it safe. This Green Bear Banger Hanger has minimal filtration and a dense glass body. buy-cake-carts-online-in-queensland-australia-with-fast-and-discreet-shipping-to-all-parts-of-australia-like-brisbane/ buy guns online usabuy-organic-shrooms-online-in-ann-arbor-michigan/ We have a high standard for what we consider perfect and these bongs have slight cosmetic flaws so don’t feel right selling them at full price. That’s great since you get to save some cash and still have a sweet new bong that hits just as good as its full-price counterpart. They may have minor scratches or tool marks, but the function is flawless.  



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